Steam Purchase


No. Purchasing now will entitle you to all dlc up until version 1.0 (we are at 0.9 now).

At the end of the summer payable DLC will be released (laser scanned Nordschleife, combined with a car pack of 10 cars. Price unknown).


If you pay now, you get everyting there is contentwise and everything that has been confirmed as part of 1.0.

Only thing which you won't get is the paid dlc after 1.0. This is the Nordschleife+dreampack of 10 cars.

However, if you buy AC after release of the dreampack, you'd still have to purchase the dreampack separately.

In short; buy now, no disadvantage! :)

Joseph Maxx

Also, price will be going up as of v1.0. There was also mention of additional content available only to pre release orders so you'll get content you'd otherwise have to pay extra for. Buying it now is a good deal anyway you slice it!

Jason Hunt

Remember though, any dlc will be £3.25 within a few weeks;)
Will certainly make me think twice about getting the dlc early.

Stuart, AC has been in a few Steam Sales with the last one as cheap as £20 (other sales have been £23 or so). You could risk waiting to see if it goes on sale again.