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STCC Track guides?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by James Hedley, Mar 8, 2009.

  1. James Hedley

    James Hedley


    I am from the UK and before the STCC release I did not know anything about the STCC. Now that I have experienced it. I have become really interested in it. The only problem is that I am not very good at most of the tracks. Are there any track guides for STCC?

  2. Rob Every

    Rob Every

    Mate, seriously just get out there and practice

    Guides are not really much substitute for jjust getting int he car and expermienting.

    To sum up the STCC tracks, theya re all pretty short apart from Mantorp.

    Most of the time you are running low gearing, but beware, they are ALL pretty bumpy and have dips and drops, so really hard work in a 3 series unless you are confident in its handling.

    Most people use fwd on these trakcs on teh servers I ahve been on.

    Falkenberg seems most popular, short lap and lots of quick turns. But I prefer Karlskoga, tight turns, fast bits that you have to learn.

    Valer is really quick, great fun aswell, really have to concentrate to keep car on track here.

    Gothenburg is a street track, easy to learn but hard to go really quick on, youahev to hop the kerbs a lot to get the times.

    No one races really at Mantorp, huge straight thats hard to gear for coz rest of track is tight!!

    And I cant remember the name of the other one!! Is a brilliant track, very very tight and twisty, jumps etc, but have never, ever seen an online race there.

    Knutsdorp is fun too, very flowing, hills and crests, again difficult to setup for actually, lots of braking over hills etc. Quick though and popular online.

    Seriously, just get out there, use a Simbin setup and practice, they are easy to learn, smaller than most WTCC tracks. Half the size in fact
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