STCC @ Sachsenring 1967, Tuesday, 13 May 2014


Car: STCC2
Track: Sachsenring 1967 [download here]
Games: STCC2

19:00 GMT: Practice
19:30 GMT: Qualification SUPERPOLE
19:40 GMT: Warmup
19:50 GMT: Race (2 x 20 minutes)
Please note the change in times

RD Club Rules: Click Here
Server and TeamSpeak Passwords: Click Here

Entry List:
  1. Dennis Phelan
  2. Daniel Linder
  3. David Kingshott
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A tricky ol' track here this week.
High speeds, old country roads, running through village with high [real] curbs.
Bumps, narrow bridges, tree lined "straights" all for your enjoyment.
You're gonna die if you don't practice so all servers are up!
Drive to survive :)


No money, no team racing.
Whoa, this track is just pure win. Used to drive alot on it with GT3 cars a few weeks back.
Since there is no event for me in AC this day, I gladly sign up for this
I'm going in..full belly and all!

Oh boy. What a race track! I think my pit manager told me, "you have a suspension problem" at least 10 times. I love it!
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David and I did some practice today, both of us got in a number of timed laps.
Last night I was on with another David, more laps, that was a good start!
Fun track and had some great crashes, managed to go bush a fair bit but by the end I think I was a second 1/2 off Dennis's pace although my consistency sucked.

Look forward to Thursday and hopefully we can get a race together