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STCC is free download ?

Mtommi Tam

Feb 19, 2007
Dam,my more friend said no need use visa bought this game,is free download,
In the morning,i use visa card bought it,****,
Can you help me ? how to take my money ?

Andrew Evans

i did the same thing, mtommi... steam said it would be free for those that pre-ordered gtr evolution...

when it came out last night, it wasn't free... so i just bought it...
now this morning, people are getting it for free....

i've mailed steam support and am waiting to hear back from them... :thumb:

Günthar Rowe

True2Life Racing
Feb 24, 2008
I pre-ordered GTR-Evo add-on and got STCC for free...

jasonr @ Steam said:

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We apologize for the pricing mix up on GTR. The prices on release today are lower than they were during the pre-purchase. For everyone who pre-purchased GTR and GTR+Race 07, SimBim and Valve would like to offer the next expansion pack in the Race series for free. More new tracks and cars will be out this year. When the next expansion is released, it will be automatically added for free to customers' accounts who pre-purchased GTR or GTR+Race 07. Sorry for the mix-up.

Andrew Evans

nope - it's just for people who pre-ordered thru steam... something about wrong price or some such... i stopped paying attention after the bit where they said "free"... :D

Lu Chan

I had the same problem. i bought Race07 & GTR-EVO with box set.
Now can't download. maybe i'll buy once again. :frusty:

Chris Noble

Yes I logged into steam tonight and STCC was free for me as i pre-ordered gtr evo

Jim McGhee

Aug 9, 2008
I pre-ordered and also got it free... :) maybe as a sorry for the delays when GTRe came out?

Andrew Evans

ok, steams reply:

Hello Andrew,

Thank you for contacting Steam Support.

Unfortunately, this offer was only extended to those that pre ordered the package bundle of Race07+GTR:Evo.

We apologize for any confusion in this matter.

If you have any questions please let us know. We will be happy to assist you.
right, this is bs, correct?

the majority of you guys that got it free just got the expansion back, didn't you?

Roy Carless

Apr 6, 2008
ok, steams reply:

right, this is bs, correct?

the majority of you guys that got it free just got the expansion back, didn't you?
Logged onto steam tonight and yes there was STCC free downloaded and ready to play I only paid for the evo expansion:peace::dance::dance:

Dallas Willms

And I payed $20 for it last night, even though I didn't even play it. What a smart move by me!

Andrew Evans

k, well after a bit of email to-ing and fro-ing they gave me the refund... so long live steam and all who sail in her :flypig:

Karl Westman

Oct 17, 2007
Well I pre-ordered the GTR-Evolution and bought the retail version of STCC as it was released in the swedish store a few weeks back...
Kind regards,

Grant Powell

Jun 30, 2008
Well i pre ordered just the expansion pack and logged on last night to find STCC for free aswell woohoo, downloaded and loaded up and it's all there i was expecting maybe a demo LOL

Who says you get nothing for free :)

Jose Ferreira

Jun 14, 2007
Mtommi, I bought this STCC game with my Visa credit card too, no more you can't get back your money:nono:, they will not make you a rebate.

Steve Clowes

Feb 23, 2008
Personally, I feel a little bitter about how this all panned out...

I bought STCC through Megastore Sweden for £31, as I got sick of waiting for Steam to release it digitally, since the official launch date of 19th September.

I ordered GTR Evo through Play on Wednesday just gone, as I could get the RACE/Evo bundle for £18, rather than paying $36 (~£22) through Steam for just the expansion.

I've bought every Simbin associated sim since the original GTR.

Yet those of you who found that prices lowered a little (<£5?) at release of Evo, compared to pre-order, get something I paid £21 for free!:nono:

Normal market forces dictate that something in demand, or is new technology, tends to cost more initially and the price is gradually lowered so that a retailer can sell stock that might otherwise gather virtual dust. So in in Evo situation, there is nothing fundamentally wrong in the price lowering post-release.

But then Steam is selling a digital download, not a burnt DVD with a paper manual and a protective case. So how the heck do they justify charging more for an expansion than a physical disc containing a bundle?

I don't begrudge parting with cash to help the future of of Simbin, but I will be damned if I will let Steam take any "slice of the pie" through me for the near future i.e. If I can get a product through other means than Steam, I will!

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