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Wich version of Brazil rio and wich version of 3ds Max do you use, please? Because when i load your render scene, i have some missing dll and my car is black (same when i load my textures).
Problem solved, thanks.

Now i have an other problem and i don't found the solution. I want to make a render with my car on a real photo. I have loaded my background into the viewport and into the envirronment background, but when i do my render, my background is partially cuted like on my picture:

(i have masked my car :) ) Anyone know why i have this grey part who hide my background at the middle?
Ok, thanks. Generally i use Deep exploration, and we can do that. But render in 3ds max is most beautifull. I think if i search i can find the solution to do a good render :)

Mike Simian

The solution is, in the "Render" tab "renderer" rollout, at the bottom, there is a setting for a ground plane. You can turn it off or change the colour.

Then your left with just your background and no ground plane. The background can be changed in the "environments" tab (which you have already your picture).

Hope that helps, I'm not on my work PC at the moment, I can provide screenshots if needed later.

Mike Simian

No problemo, I had similar problems last time I rendered, and spent half the day looking for that stupid setting lol.

Not sure about how to keep your shadows, I might have the solution on my work PC (lots of saved tutorial webpages etc), will look later. If you find out how let me know :)

Mike Simian

lol sooo impatient!!! we have until september, by that time I will have hundreds of variations and still wont be able to decide which one to use :D

I am busy doing some rFactor videos at the moment, once I get my technique down I might have a go at some STC ones.

Heres a first draft of one video I'm doing, this one is more just an idea, needs alot of tweaking. see my youtube channel here

My fellow Flatout racers have been doing videos aswell.

Rob has been doing videos for a while, he does most of our FO vids

Stay tuned :)

Xosé Estrada

Guys, you can also save the render to PNG with transparent backgrond, makes life easier :)

Just deactivate background, deactivate ground pane, and save the render to PNG format.

Then import into PS and you have a no background render with trasnparency also.
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