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STC Black Cup '09: Vincent Staal in a class of his own!

Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by Andreas Hultgren, Nov 27, 2009.

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  1. Andreas Hultgren

    Andreas Hultgren

    DHR GP racer Vincent Staal was in a class of his own when the Simracing Team Challenge visited Sweden and the home race for Danielsson Motorsports Virtual.

    Staal put his Corvette on pole three tenths ahead of Roland Ehnström and the viewers were set for a great battle. But just a couple of laps in Ehnström made a move on Staal, a move that would cost him dearly as he spun and ended up facing the wrong way in the graveltrap at turn two.

    From there one Staal could basicly cruise to the finishiline. Ehnström made the best of his situation though and managed to climb his way back from 9th up to 2nd again and made sure that the home team left Anderstorp with a podium place.

    Mikko Korkiakoski made sure that the DHR team could sleep well as he finished 3rd after fighting hard in especially the midstages of the race. He dragged his "junior" teammate from DHR Fanatec, Teo Bubicic, with him all the way to the line. Torbjörn Lindau in the second DMSv beemer finished 5th after a fairly lonley second half of the race.

    John Westerlund for DMSv2 drove a consistent race and ended up in 6th after starting all the way down in 15th. The closest fight to the finish was the one for 7th where Iain Wilton for FlatOut Racing finished ahead of the two RPM racers Jari Vinnari and Christopher Aponte. Only two seconds seperated the three drivers. Gregory Cogotti for Project D rounded up top 10 a couple of seconds behind aswell.

    DMS keeps the lead in the championship but it shrunk from 25 to 16 points to DHR GP. RPM on the other hand lost alot and is now 40 points behind. FlatOut Racing remains in a solid 4th while only one point seperates Black Visor Motorsports and Project D for 5th.

    Race results

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