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STC Black Cup '09: FlatOut Racing celebrates in the rain!

Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by Andreas Hultgren, Dec 12, 2009.

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  1. Andreas Hultgren

    Andreas Hultgren

    Mike Simian took a well desereved win for FlatOut Racing in a very dificult race at Donington Park. The conditions changed more then twice which made for a very tough race for all the drivers. Simian, who took pole .137 ahead of Rami Kaukola, took the start and was in comando for the rest of the race even though his opponents were right behind him in the first half of the race.

    Kaukola finished 2nd for Roaring Pipes Maniacs only 8 secods behind the winner and rounding up the podium did Mikko Korkiakoski for DHR Simcraft a further 9 seconds behind. Ben Tusting for Black Visor Motosports finished in a great 4th but was almost a minute after Simian. Panu Ronkainen for DHR Fanatec finished in 5th.

    The first of the championship leader cars, Danielsson Motosport Virtual, came over the line in 6th with Torbjörn Lindau behind the wheel. His teammate of the day, Tony Gunnarsson, finished way back in 16th and the championship is once again wide open going into the final round.

    Iain Wilton in the other FlatOut Porsche finished 7th and edged out Ludovic Cogotti (Project D) by only a tenth of a second. Vicent Staal (DHR Simcraft) and Ries Notemboom (DHR Fanatec) finished 8th and 10th.

    Race results

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