STC Black Cup '09: DHR SimCraft wins in style and defends their title!

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Aug 27, 2007
Project D's home race at Paul Ricard became one of the best races of the season as DHR SimCraft took an outstanding double.

But it wasn't a walk on roses as Keith Barrick, who eventually won the race, had problems in qualifying and started way down in 16th. He was not the only one having trouble in the wet qualifying though as DHR's main rivals, DMSv, had similar problems with Torbjörn Lindau who started at the back end of the feild.

Dragos Haba for Roaring Pipes Maniacs took the pole and also the lead early on as the sun was shining but he had the wrong tires fitted on his BMW and lost grip to the extent that he cutted on several occations and recieved stop&go's. Teo Bubicic for DHR Fanatec took over the lead but when Jack Keithley came up behind in the other DHR SimCraft Corvette he moved to the side and let thim through.

DMSv driver Fredrik Tackman who looked to be the one of the DMSv drivers to really fight it out at the top went the same fate as Haba and had to pit for dry tires after just three laps. This put DHR SimCraft in a perfect position to try and nurse their cars to the finish line.

Keithley then got passed by teammate Barrick after the pit stops. Barrick who had charged hard was early up in the top five and just worked his way through the feild, one car at the time. These two then kept cool and finished in classic Le Mans style, side by side over the line.

Peter Duivelaar in the second RPM Beemer finished 3rd after a race long battle with Bubicic. A battle that can only be described as a replay of the Arnoux vs. Villeneuve battle at Dijon in '79. But the hard work for Bubicic wouldn't pay off as he in the closing stages suffered a spectacular engine failure after the long Mistral straight.

Torbjörn Lindau managed to get his car up into the top 4 but to very little joy as DMSv lost the championship at the last round after leading most of the season. Tackman was fighting Haba at the end for 7th but spun at the last corner finishing 11th. A very describing image of DMSv's race.

Mateusz Marcinkowski finished in a solid 5th for last race winners Flatout Racing. He and teammate Kevin Ledoux hung somewhat together for a big portion of the race but nearing the end Ledoux dropped in pace and let both Johan Pesula (DMSv2) and Haba through.

Kristofer Larsson brought home one of Blue Flag Racings best results of the season with finishing 9th after a huge battle early on with TBR's Wietse Visser. Visser later crashed his car and eventually cought fire to end a poor season for that team. John Westerlund in the other DMSv2 Corvette rounded up top 10.

With that result DHR SimCraft can call them self 2 times winners of the Simracing Team Challenge and also the first multilpe- aswell as back to back winners in the series short but very competetive history.

Race results
Final standings

The series will now take a break but you can follow the news on throughout the entire off season!


Jari Vinnari

Jan 27, 2007
Congratulations to DHR SimCraft.
Thank you very much STC crew for all their hard work.


Tom Ilsbroux

Apr 7, 2008
Congratulations GMT Simcraft, amazing season you guys had. What a clime up through the standings.
Great fight you gave there DMVs, so intense up to the last race. Very impressive.

Can't wait for the new season.

Lucas Degen

May 15, 2007
Wel done DHR, to all team members, congratulations.

Have a great new year, see you in 2010.

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