STC, a season review by Andreas Hultgren

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Xosé Estrada

Aug 10, 2007
With the Blue Cup 2009 in the rear view mirror I have taken the time to give you my veiw of the winners and losers of the season and some more stuff. So off we go!

GMT-DH Racing + + + + +

Obviously the big winners this Blue Cup as they managed to win the seires in their first full season. They had an imense battle with last Black Cup winners RPM but in the penultimate round they took over the lead and never let it get away. A big conrtibuter to the teams success was definalty Vincnet Staal. With his hattrick of wins the team ended on 5 race wins in total and an average race point of 39.5.

Roring Pipes Maniacs + + + + +

Favourites going into the season and even though they didn't get that gold medal in the end they didn't let anyone down. I can already say that the battle with GMT-DHR will go down in history as one of the closest STC championships. 4 race wins in total where as three of them were taken by Cristian Haba and with an average race points of 36 makes them worthy of this 2nd place.

The Black Rebels + + +

3rd place last time around and 3rd place time time aswell. But it wasn't as "easy" as last time. The Rebels had an up and down season as where they must be feeling both happy but above lucky about the end result. If it weren't for the pointsless race in the season opener for FlatOut they would have fninished right off the podium instead. David Greco took the teams only victory and he did so in the last race. TBR's average race points lands on 27.8.

FlatOut Club + + +

In my opinion one of the big losers. They definatly had the pace as they scored a victory at Donington but bad luck and other things hindered them from defending their 2nd place from last season. The lost points in round one didn't help them either. I'm looking forward to see if they can crawl their way back up to the top in the upcoming Black Cup. Average race points: 26.8

Black Visor Motorsports + + + +

After entering the league in the 2nd round they kept pretty much the same pace as both TBR and FlatOut despite being new to the league. But I expect alot more from them next season as they won twice thanks to Tim Hogendoorn. Their average race points are 30.7.

FlatOut Junior + + +

The winner of the "Junior Cup" if you so want. They did good, just as expected if not even a bit better I would say. Close to a 4 but a bit to far away in the standings points wise brings the score down a bit. They showed some blistering speed but also lacked in some areas. But as a junior team to FlatOut we can not expect more from them so well done. Average race points of 14.9.

Team GG + +

They do not have the same strength of the top teams but I did expect a bit more from them but somehow it felt like they weren't on the pace this time. They had some good results but was never a threat to the top teams, something they were last season from time to time. And losing out on top 6 means no home race next season. Average race point of 13.6. Hopefully they can pick their pace up a little for next season 'cause I know they can.

Blue Flag Racing + +

Same feelings here as with Team GG. But to be fair they had some really bad luck this season with many DNF's. I would have givien them a 3 if it weren't for the low number of points (same amount as Team GG) with their average race points on 13.6. Come on fellas, I know you can do better!

Danielsson Motorsports Virtual + + + +

This is a team to really look out for next season. They joined with just 5 races to go and almost cought both BFR and Team GG. They have the V-WTCC champion in their arsenal together with many others so look out for them. Their average race points speaks for it self as it lands on 31.5. That would have put them 3rd in the standings if they would have race all season!

DHR Fanatec + +

The losers in the "Junior Cup". Although it is a bit unfair to compare the two teams (the other one being FlatOut junior) they are sister teams to the top teams and for me DHR Fanatec were a dissapointment. They showed some really awesome pace from time to time, mainly from Mike Wrigthson (Dijon comes to mind) but it faded towards the end of the races. Might be one of the big improvers for next season though but if they miss races like they did ocationly this season they will be stuck here at the lower parts of the table. Avrage race points: 15.4

[AnE] Racing + +

I didn't have big expectation on them as they struggled last season but I was hoping for them to do better this year. Sure there were some results to take with them for next season but I fear that they will be the leagues "Minardi" next time around aswell but someone has to finish last and I like underdogs so surprise me, please. Their average race points: 8.6.

Again, this is just my point of view and I hope no team takes it to serious as it is mostly a fun read. Cheers!


Eckhart von Glan

Dec 29, 2006
nice one Andreas and Xose, sums up the season very well, once my regular pc is back in order, training for the new season will begin. I guess Blue Flag is looking for one or two more drivers. If you are interested, knock on our forum :)
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