starting a saved game

anyone else noticed this:

the first two laps of starting a saved game, the AI pushes like hell, at NurbGP they go 3-4 secs quicker than at the time you saved the game. Once the first two to three laps are over they settle into the old rhythm / laptimes. Is this because the game treats the first laps like lap01 and 02 where they have ultra-fresh tires and also drive more aggressively to secure a good position after start?

I actually played the same saved game four times over, and it's always the same: the Jaguar for instance did laptimes of 2:02 sth. before I saved (AI strength 85%). I know because with my 2:01,5 I was slowly catching up. After starting the saved game, he then does 1:58sth. for two laps, then 2:00 and in lap 04 he is back to his speed before save. Would love to know if anyone shares this experience.
now, that's what I call customer service (but how do I tell Monsieur Jean-Luc Beaubelique in his red AMG he will have to start over again?)
changelog from ACC Forums:

- Added enable TrackIR camera setting.
Disabling the plugin eliminates possible view-related issues caused by tracking devices used in other games.
- Possible fix for localVelocity in shared memory struct.

- Fixed inconsistent AI skill levels when reloading a saved game.

- Removed slow convolution bloom from intro sequence cameras in Monza that caused massive performance drop and possible crash on ultrawide screen resolutions when entering a session."

size 1.4GB
oh, Monsieur Bobelique was very pleased, the old .json files still work! Brilliant. Tested the patch, and indeed the Jag now runs the same times as always (never mind my spinning out and losing 15 secs as I was concentrating on deciphering his laptime rather than concentrating on Bobelique's breakpoint …)
From my first 3 hours epic race experience in Monza yesterday :cool:, I can say that the fix did not fix anything.
After a reload all opponents are much faster, even backmarkers.
At the and of the first stint I was third and there were 4 cars lapped, I had to quit so I saved the game; when I started back I lost about 10 seconds from everyone in the first 2 laps and in the next 2 hours I was only able to keep my position, even lapped and "about to be lapped" cars raced with my pace.
At the end of the race I finished third, 6 lapped cars and one retired, there's still something wrong.
Other little problems after reload: lap delta was broken until I managed to improve my best lap. Fuel consumption info broken.
Anyway it was fun :) and how many incidents among AI opponents at "variante", it is nice to see AI making mistakes.
yep, I have to agree with the last two points, delta still broken and fuel consumption, too. As for AI: I have in the meantime dropped from 9th to 15th but that was me spinning twice as tires wore down and track got colder (started 18.00 "now" it's 19.20). Curious to see how I will do tonight. During driver swap the name did not turn from red to green as it did before, or is that just the difference between running a scripted 3h event and setting up your own 3h event as I did this time to be able to change start time?