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Discussion in 'My Summer Car' started by Alex Richards, Feb 18, 2018.

  1. Alex Richards

    Alex Richards

    Ok so I recently found out that you could mod and changing up textures in my summer car (yes I know I'm a noob). I installed a couple, (ute mod, new house and enable the apartments). I also changed the color of the gauge needles as well as the gauge cluster itself, halo headlights and a couple other things. After doing this, I load up the game and get in the car to find that the battery was completely dead (not sure how) I went to Tiemo's shop and bought a new battery. Then I installed the battery and turned the ignition. The radio turns on and the lights but when I turn the key to engage the starter, nothing. Not a sound from the engine. Every other electronic part works except the starter. I tried old game saves, someone else's game save and even disabling and deleting mods and that doesn't work. I used the editor to uninstall the starter and when I did so, I opened the game and the starter was on the ground. I moved my mouse over it and it said "STARTER" but I couldn't pick it up. Please help, Thanks
  2. hei20


    use msceditor
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