Star-T Ciano


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I've asked you this before.. but I always forget.. what program do you model with?


I would upsize the wheel wells and add a little extra length to the wheelbase (most notably from the C-pillar back, make a longer trunk decklid) to make it look less tall and tippy.


Kind of reminds me of the Fiat Coupe (like the one Clarkson drove in the police challenge) but at the same time it also reminds me of the Alfa Romeo MiTo lol


That thing is stunning! I'ts not my sort of design but very unique and chic in it's own manner.

€: I know it's actually not that kind, but the front looks like a micture of a Suzuki Alto, a Nissan Pixo and a Nissan Micra but the rear end is absolutely brilliant


great ****. but you didn't have to say "something between 207 and 307CC" - the idea came directly to my mind from the side-view.

Now comes the question: how to make a convertible roof work in racer?
I would love scripts to open doors , bonnets , roofs , windows and all other normal car feature. This is the real car simulator. Small things really count , if not, a car could be only a motor , seat and steering :D
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