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Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by jacken64, Mar 29, 2011.

  1. jacken64


  2. martinez


    Very nice track, fun and challenging, I like your textures choose too. Quite good framerates (around 50-65).
    Maybe you can still do some updates:
    - I found some unused textures, f.e. from my GB Sprint. You probably used it and resignated later - btb does not delete unused textures in one session - you can save your project, close btb, open again, load project and export again - only then unused textures will be removed. Or delete them manually from RX folder (if you are sure - otherwise missing textures will appear as black - including effect maps)
    - some textures are too big - these from rally cars xpack are 2048 - I think 512 is enough. Well, it does not affect the performance too much, but you can still can have RX track folder much smaller
    - I think coble could be more rough - add some randomness to the surface or find some other physics? It's very sleepy, which is good, but I would like to feel in my wheel that I am on the coble ;)
    - one error while loading - probably from Hardwood Background object (or s-object) from Great Britain xpack - some of the objects are broken there. Replace it with something else then.
    - after the very last import - replace the file from my xpack with the other (which has alpha channel) - then you will get the 100% transparency for collisions. You have to rename the other file of course.

    NOTE: I just have updated the file, so you can download the xpack again (the mistake was in that alpha channel - it was 100 opaque! LOL) - now it's fine with the xpack and it's compatible with previous ( The image is inside the xpack, so just extract it ouside first.

    Anyway - congratulations - I like the track very much. How is the distant terrain made? From GB xpack terrains? I also like that my xpacks are in well use. Thanks!

    p.s. publish some screenshot or video here, your work is worth of it.
  3. Pangaea


    just played this a few times, wonderful track... im impressed withe the attention to detail too... love the differnt sections inlcuding the contruction area... well done :)
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