SRW-S1 To G27 Mounting Plate


Hi All,

I've picked up a SRW-S1 from the US, and it's still has some time before it arrives so I was wondering if anybody has a CAD drawing of a mounting plate like the one in the picture in the below link.

Also, would you guys/girls know what type of screw is used in securing the mounting plate to the back of the SRW-S1 at all?

Thanks you all for taking the time to help out.


this should help, I used 3mm screws to hold the S1 to my CF plate. then used some #8 i think flat head Wood screws to secure the Plate to the wheel base. wheel MOD?sort=4&page=1 wheel MOD/Wheel Mod Info Pics?sort=9&page=1

FYI the S1 was NEVER intended to be used as a FFB wheel, So I HIGHLY HIGHLY suggest you epoxy the Grips to at least help them Not being Ripped off.

Worst case scenario it either flashes itself(Common S1 issue) or you rip the handle off and your forced to kick it over to Button Box duties like i did with my spare s1.


wood screws beside stock screws

Button Box, and PS leave a throttle paddle installed and you can calibrate it for a Cheap and easy Hand brake.

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