SRS Issues

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by Dethrone1427, Oct 21, 2017.

  1. Dethrone1427


    Has anyone of late had issues with SRS files misbehaving? I used to be able to race a full field with a GTE mod i've made (26 cars), but of late - for no discernible reason - I can now only race 19. I've done everything, forced the srs to allow a minimum of 26 cars, started again and used other working srs files. I cant discern whats happened, and just wondered if people were having season issues? I can PM anyone who might be able to crack this nut the SRS file.
  2. AntoN_CheZ


    When I load these maps, I get flicker on the dash of the cars. I've never been able to race them without just ignoring the flashing flickering and persevering through it until it annoys me enough to stop. Just for practice laps, never done a full grid or even a non private practice session. Wonder why that happens, as I can even run GSC maps (doing Phillip Island now) with no problems apart from pasting a few sky files to actually get them past the loading screen.