SRO E-Sport GT Series - Round 1: Monza Final (Live Stream)

The heat is on as the twelve round finalists of the SRO E-Sports GT Series are now confirmed. Tune in today for the Monza final round live and exclusive at 11:00 UTC / 12:00 BST / 13:00 CEST.

Following an intense day of racing at the Temple of Speed on Saturday, the pressure cooker that is the SRO E-Sport GT Series ramps up to another level this afternoon, as the 12 fastest esports pilots from the three distinct driver classifications combine in one ultimate final battle - with the winning three drivers taking home the knowledge that they have secured a place in the grand finale at Barcelona, and the chance to join in the Squadra Corse Lamborghini racing experience.

After yesterday's semi-finals, which will be available for replay later today on our Youtube Channel, the line up for today's race consists of the following virtual stars from the PRO, SILVER and AM category merging into an extraordinary pool of talent

Live Stream: Click here to watch the final of the Monza round of the SRO E-Sport GT Series

Let us know in the comments below who you are cheering for!

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Craig Dunkley

Jun 9, 2013
Watched it yesterday there was some talent on that circuit.

Looking forward to watching it today.


Jan 1, 2017
Thanks for this great stream! it was much more entertaining than the Formula 1 race today.
Paul and Chris are doing a great job.
I can't wait for the final release of ACC. What a brilliant simulation.
Congratulations to all drivers. Great final race.
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May 2, 2011
Great work guys I thoroughly enjoyed the stream, and also enjoying ACC amazing to see the drivers maintaining such fast race pace towards the end, well done to all whom took part.
Now wondering if we will get anymore early access releases before release day, want to try the Lexus and Audi that is for sure.

Great start too what looks to be a great sim racing series (SRO e-Sport).


Oct 28, 2017
Really enjoyed the livestreams guys. Really professional - great commentary by Paul and Chris - and ACC did itself proud - showcased the day/night and the track cameras. Looked brilliant on my big telly ! Indeed, blurring the lines between real and virtual motorsports !

Look forward to the next one. Hope you can get some backstage docu type stuff goings on - perhaps interviews with the racers, the rigs, the organisers etc. Mr Glover would love getting all that on an SD card for Youtube docu !


Sep 29, 2011
Fantastic watch , fantastic simracers and fantastic broadcast.
I had a great time watching at all qualifications and races.

I have been a little surprised to see that much of these guys are about professional simracers with professional team structures (thustmaster, red bull, jean alesi racing school, ...).
That said, fantastic pilots

Josh Martin

Feb 2, 2019
Some great racing this weekend, gutted I got binned as my Boantley was proving nice and wide, still to get into the final was great.

Tha is Chris and RD gang for hosting, really made this a great event for us racers!


Oct 27, 2015
Real nice broadcast, good job by the commentators, and the races were intense, especially the Silver on Saturday. My impression was like: okay, we've been talking about next gen for years, but now it's finally here.


Jan 2, 2015
Is there any place where we can see the full results of the weekend? I am curious to see if any of the "Silver" got in front of any of the Pro, AM and so on.

Cristian Haba

Nov 24, 2007
They way RD staff have evolved through the years has been amazing to watch. The appointment of Chris Hayes as co commentator is a master stroke, he compliments Paul perfectly. What's important in any sport is that the commentators have had actual field experience in whatever they are tasked to comment on. This shows in both of you, congratulations a really well done show.

The new stuff with the sim, the tyre physics when going over harsh undulations, kerbs or even grass, and then the loss of pressure is a huge game changer. While you can be really aggressive for qualifying or even a hot stint within the race you cant do it all race long as you will be eventually punished. It would be really cool to have those tools in spectator mode, to see car status and be able to ascertain the level of pace cars have based on their overall 'health'. I suffered from this on the Sunday club race and it made keeping the pace way more challenging. Although driving the Huracan you're always on a knifes edge.

So RD could use some help from Kunos in getting some better broadcasting tools, with proper criticism and some insightful ideas I hope this will be included in v1.0. It would not only benefit SRO but any other league running ACC, which after this broadcast will be quite a lot. Kunos did a bang up job of choosing proper time of day and weather effects, the race looked life like in many camera shots. Was quite stunning to see.

Eckhart von Glan

Dec 29, 2006
found this, race starts at 29:30 sth., looks like the grande finale to me, but having no Italian, I cannot tell ;)
modedit: please link to the official stream

Just watched the first half. they have one of the Kunos guys for interview (Aris?) and unfortunately do not show what happened to the chap winning our qualifier here. He was on pole and then lasted four laps before two of the Pros took over.

here are the final standings, if my dropbox still works (haven't used it in ages …) standandings.png?dl=0
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I know, for I told me so
Feb 14, 2015
I watched a fair bit of the coverage and I thought the presentation looked really quite professional. The game itself stood up and looked great, the transitions were good too.

I'm sure others will have made this observation but it BADLY needed replays. People were dropping like flies from the front to the back and we never found out why.

I agree with those who suggested that we didn't need to see the commentators. That's unusual for a sporting event.

I think what prevented me from getting really engaged with it was a lack of insight or context.

I'm in agreement with those who have observed that, of late, there have maybe been a few too many F1 stories taking up space on the front page of this site. Part of my reason for thinking this is they can't offer me anything I didn't see myself. They're written by someone who was watching the same TV coverage, or listening to the same radio commentary, as I was. When I read Andrew Benson, for instance, on the BBC, I get insight because he was there. He saw more than I did.

In such circumstances I have sympathy for the writers on this site because I understand the cost and difficulty of F1 access so their hands are tied from the outset. They have no exclusive material to feed their writing.

However, this e-sport series should be the opportunity they've been looking for. A chance to be there. A chance to observe, mingle, interview, ask opinions and provide insight.

Especially on a subject so new and emerging as e-sports. There's so much I personally don't understand about how this event took place. I have so many questions. And probably have a lot more questions I don't even know I have yet.

So for anyone who has been looking for exclusive material, this should be a God send.

When does everyone arrive? How is the room configured? How many people are there? Do they get on? Are there any rivalries? There were quite a few flashpoints during the races. Did these spill over?

So I'd recommend, for the next event, building up with more than just a few 'this is coming up and it's going to be great' leaders, give me insight. Interview a few drivers. Give me their background. Explain the difference between a pro and an am, and what are they looking to get out of the experience? What's their long term goal?

Give me an on-the-floor account of what it was like, the tension, the atmosphere around the drivers during the races and if your lead writer happens to be a commentator, find another commentator. Or find another writer. Because one person can't do both.

Also, the action, the series, needs to be sustainable without fiction. At one point 3 cars with the same livery were fighting together for position. The commentators referred to them as team mates, treating each other differently to how they would drivers from other teams and wondered together how the team manager must be feeling.

Were they team mates? Was there a team manager? Or was this just a game with a single most popular car and a limited number of liveries? Was each driver racing for himself and himself alone?

We, as an audience want to be informed, but we want intelligent, relevant insight. Not fantasy!

That broadcast had potential. But to be engaged and become addicted, us laymen need stories, narratives, hooks to make us come back.

Celtic Pharaoh

Feb 3, 2010
Thanks for the streams, set up and commentary @Paul Jeffrey @Chris Haye @Bram Hengeveld it was very entertaining watching back. I look forward to the blue car park, I mean, Paul Ricard :D

Just to clarify to everyone who watched the AM semifinal, I had the same amount of fuel (40l and I only needed exactly 36.85l so I had a bit of a buffer) as I did in the Silver race and I finished the race.
Perhaps due to a difference in air temperature, more slipstreaming in the first race, the car needed more in the AM race than I did in the Silver.
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Mar 21, 2014
Thank you very much for this!
Awesome presentation, a big hug to @Chris Haye here, you two made competition to Mr. Walker and Co. :thumbsup::inlove:
Looking forward to how this simracing thing will evolve in the public over time.
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