Splinter Cell: Conviction

Omer Said

You should try this with your G25 :D

Never played Splinter Cells. I'm both not good and don't like these kind of games.

Stirb Iuliu

Excellent job from guys in Montreal studios.

In previous versions of Splinter Cell, you had to follow orders, now you're on your own and you can unleash your fury.

Bram Hengeveld

"They" say a lot on the internet. Some ecstatic and others bash it. So I don't read those game previews anymore. Bought it in a blink of an eye and yes I love it :) Though it will require a lot of time for me to get into this genre again :)

I am really curious about the online co-op missions. Maybe we should start the RD Sniper Clan :)

Dave Stephenson

RaceDepartment Technical Administrator
:) I used to run clans for various fps type games, the forums say we have a lot of people who play them.

I made a slight comeback a few months back but never got chance to get fully into it as I couldn't resist going racing instead )


No money, no team racing.
Sorry to bring an old thread back to life, but yes, this game is really worth the money. If you like 3rd person view and also like to play sneaky, this game is something for you. I can honestly say you have full control over your character and you can use the environment to quickly dispose your foes. At first, stuff can be tricky, but you can almost destroy any lamp to create darkness that will work to your advantage. You can kill enemies almost any way you like. Well, maybe not blow his brain out, but you can throw people out from windows, dropping down from ledges and throw them into doors, using them as human shields. You can say this game is about thinking like an ninja. And at the same time killing your foes in good looking way. Maybe not good looking way, but possible the most silent way. It feels really nice when you can clear a room without anyone knowing where you are ( as long as they don't discover you or the body's ) Killing your enemies in melee will grant you the "mark & execute" option that really can sometimes comes in handy. There is some in game achievements and if you succeed to do some of them, you will get points that you can use to upgrade your weapons and gadgets. If you get bored of the story, why not play co-op with an friend? I have just done that and it was really funny. It will really kill some time. I really recommend it.

Here is an really nice gameplay video of the game:

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