Spectacular Formula Student Grand Prix mod for Assetto Corsa

RaceDepartment, MAD Formula Team and Simracing.GP are proud to announce a very special, and very exciting new mod and esports race event for Assetto Corsa - we #resizesimracing while massively increasing the spectacle.
  • New Assetto Corsa mod car, tracks and skinpack.
  • Showcase Formula Student Grand Prix event
  • Real grand prix tracks, resized
Ever wondered what the Grand Prix racing world would be like on a much smaller scale? Have you fantasized about racing on tracks the likes of Spa-Francorchamps, Barcelona or Albert Park in miniature form, side-by-side with your fellow racers without any unnecessary technology or aerodynamic trickery spoiling the purity of the racing experience? Well wonder no more - RaceDepartment, MAD Formula Team and Simracing.GP are proud to introduce an incredible new mod to the sim racing community... We #resizesimracing with the MAD Formula Team MFTC3!

Featuring the beautifully recreated official Formula Student MFTC3, this exciting new mod will provide drivers with an incredible driving experience and super close racing - downsizing all that is good about the world of Grand Prix racing, and bringing back the most important element of all - fun!

Not content with the joys of the open wheel MFTC3 Formula Student car, virtual drivers also get the opportunity to race on meticulously recreated versions of famous Grand Prix circuits - suitably downscaled to Formula Student size and packed full of racing opportunities!

In order to celebrate the launch of this exciting new mod pack, RaceDepartment and the MAD Formula Team have put together a very special opening night broadcast last night on the new esports racing platform Simracing.GP - where invited drivers from the Formula Student community on SGP hit the virtual tarmac with the new cars in a three race live-streamed esports competition, taking in the Albert Park, Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya and Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps miniature circuits as they try to earn the crown of the inaugural Formula Student Mini Grand Prix Champion.

The racing was exciting, the banter dubious and the winner could be absolutely anyone - tune in to find out what happens out on the circuit, and head over to the RaceDepartment downloads section to try out these cars and tracks for yourself.

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Small doesn't mean it isn't mighty - trust us on this one!

Specialy thanks goes out to @Nitro McClean, @rmi_wood, @Ofitus21 and @EmilianoVidela.

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Assetto Corsa Competizione Club Staff
Nov 13, 2010
Absolutely epic fun was had, friends enjoyed the stream bigtime as well. Brilliant stuff, thanks guys for the opportunity of racing this thing
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Rory Wetherington

Jun 19, 2009
I usually start watching racing streams then get bored and have to go drive n a sim myself,... but today I actually had fun watching the races. Loved the mini spa track, and the car. The racing action was good and exciting and what a good combo pairing Paul and James doin the calling and also cool having Diego giving all the background behind this amazing project.


Mar 1, 2014
These cars are a blast. Is there a way to keep the AI from pitting during race so often?
Tried my best to create a decent AI, but the car is too much for it :D
Regarding the pitting,if you disable damage and/or fuel consumption, you should be fine