Special Transport DLC for American Truck Sim Released

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If you wanted to haul some sizeable and strange load in American Truck Simulator then today is a good day for you - the ATS Special Cargo DLC has been released.

Available to purchase from today for around £3.99, the new DLC for American Truck sim is certainly more than just a case of adding some new and unique hauling loads to the title, SCS Software having gone the extra mile as usual and incorporated a wealth of new game dynamics in order to best simulate the requirements of lugging oversized cargo in the various states represented in ATS at present.

With the new load types come new trailers, new routes, additional in game job opportunities, Police escorts and plenty more besides - all of which can be seen listed below.

Added to the recent news of Volvo having arrived in ATS, and the continual development of the 'Beyond the Baltic Sea' DLC for European Truck Simulator 2, it is certainly an exciting time to be a fan of these two very impressive driving simulations!

ATS Special  Transport DLC 4.jpg

Special Transport DLC Key Features
  • 11 huge cargoes (up to 170,000 pounds (85 tons), 21 feet (6.5 m) width, 17 feet (5+ m) height and 52+ feet (16 m) length)
  • New Special Transport trailers
  • Unique job routes for the Special Transport (most in the base map, some through New Mexico, more for Oregon to come later as a free update!)
  • A combination of over 90 special transport jobs
  • Custom AI escort & police vehicles
  • Original intros for the cargoes and jobs, crowds and police cars along the routes
  • New models, characters, and animations of people assisting or spectating the transport
  • Curious pedestrians, journalists or transport co-workers along the routes
  • Special Transport achievements
Gameplay Features
  • Close collaboration with AI escort vehicles is required
  • Enhanced AI behavior: clearing the path, stopping traffic, giving advice, pushing opposing vehicles to the side etc.
  • Possibility to fail the given job on the spot if you don’t adhere to strict instructions or regulations
  • New checkpoints system to keep your progress in a special transport job safe

American Truck Simulator and European Truck Simulator 2 are available to purchase for PC right now. Additional DLC packs for both games can be picked up from the respective Steam store page.

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Do you like ATS? Tried the new DLC yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!
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Aug 28, 2014
Love it. What a great game. Hadn't played for about 6 months until the other week when I installed another large SSD to load up some of my neglected games. Very relaxing change of pace after hot-lapping in AC.

Will get this DLC for sure.


Aug 28, 2014
Cool. If we get the DLC, will we sometimes encounter these unique loads driven by AI while we're out on a normal route?

Nick Gregory

Forever a backmarker
Nov 27, 2015
If you've done a special transport in ETS2, this is the same, except with different trucks and trailers.


Sep 23, 2017
Can't wait to try it out. Got it this evening but not had time to drive it yet.


Jun 4, 2017
Quite honestly I was expecting this to be in the next few days, I am gonna put in a couple of long runs for this game and get the achievements

Boby Kim

Aug 28, 2010
Only if I could feel the weight during driving. The only aspect ETS misses is physics.


Jan 28, 2014
Only if I could feel the weight during driving. The only aspect ETS misses is physics.
I downloaded some physics mod LONG time ago and it made it much heavier and trickier. Was great. However tested downloading a physics mod for ATS and i noticed no difference.

Damage Inc

Nov 22, 2013
Having a lot of fun with ATS (and ETS2), excellent addition. Shame they can't get it working with WOT jobs.

Jason Mullin

Mar 3, 2018
I bought this sim last March, played an hour or so. This weekend I tried it out again and cannot stop.
I was apprehensive as I'm a local truck driver running a day cab in real life so who in their right would want to drive real semis all day, then come home and simulate it?
It's addicting, relaxing, and fun.