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EU Special | Portimao Grand Prix - Sat 01 May 2021

UMC 22

POSTER 01.png

Welcome to the R3E Racing Club! This is the place to be for relaxed, friendly racing and our events are open to everybody from rookies to the seasoned pros. You will always find people around your level to battle with, so jump on in! If you need any help the don't hesitate to ask on Discord... there's no such thing as a stupid question!

All premium members can sign up for this event. Sign up below and make sure to tag fellow community members who you think are up for a challenge! Not a premium member yet but interested in racing with our group of friendly drivers? Click here for more information and learn how you can participate.

Racing Club Rules: Click here or Watch the Video Summary
Incident Reporting: Click here
Server Password: Click here
Discord Server: Click here
Crew Chief Download: Click Here

The use of Crew Chief is mandatory in our Club racing, as it adds an audio spotter which helps avoid unnecessary incidents. We also highly recommend that you join us on Discord and engage with your fellow drivers!

Saturday 01/05/21
Practice Server:
RaceDepartment - Practice
Race Server: RaceDepartment - Racing Club
Class: FR X-17
Track: Portimao - Grand Prix

Practice: 18:00 UTC (50 minutes)
Qualifying: 18:50 UTC (10 minutes)

Warmup: 19:00 UTC (5 minutes)
Race: 19:05 UTC (66 Laps) - Standing Start / Mandatory Pit Stop

FR X-17: 30 slots

  1. Bob Laycock - Monster #22
  2. Steve Le Gallez - Castrol #16
  3. Noctam - Castrol #15
  4. ko41 - Virgin #9
  5. Jan Larsen - Hanergy #3
  6. Claes Axelsson - Monster #21
  7. PorDallas - GoPro #7
  8. CruzCtrl - Blackwolf #66
  9. Jopamir - Shell #5
  10. cnuke - Samsung #13
  11. Free slot
  12. Free slot
  13. Free slot
  14. Free slot
  15. Free slot
  16. Free slot
  17. Free slot
  18. Free slot
  19. Free slot
  20. Free slot

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UMC 22

Information - Please Read!

We're running a special event this Saturday, in the form of the Portimao Grand Prix! The race will feature the full race distance and will require all drivers to make at least one pit stop, so ensure you know how to do so before race night. The special rules for this race are as follows:

1) As usual, this event is open to all comers regardless of experience or ability level.​
2) The event will use full Grand Prix race distance, making it 66 laps in total.​
3) All drivers must make a mandatory pit stop during the pit window, but additional pit stops are allowed at any time.​
4) All drivers must change all four tyres during their mandatory pit stop.​
5) There is no requirement to use different compounds during the race.​
Hi all
Wow 66 laps,
I will probably be lapped 10 times in 66 laps!
However if you all don't mind dodging the KIWI moving chicane count me in.

If OK with you all I will select a number tomorrow when I am at my sim PC
Otherwise more than happy for you to assign me a FAST number.

Thanks and best wishes

UMC 22

You're more than welcome to join us @Bob Laycock, so worries there!

No rush on the livery, anytime before race day is fine. If it helps, you can see all the liveries on the RaceRoom Store so you don't need to start the sim to choose one. :thumbsup:
Good idea pointing me to the Race room store ( I never thought of that)

I would like the monster energy # 22 please.

I read the blurb on the store page re :
"The screaming V10 engine gives fantastic straight line speed, and the high tech downforce configuration allows you to carry more speed into corners than any other vehicle in RaceRoom. This is truly a lightning bolt, and it will take practice and a skilled driver to safely pilot it near the limit."

Now, if only all the other competitors could be limited to a formula V or slower car, and I can drive this one perhaps I might only be lapped 5 times?

Best wishes

Jan Larsen

#3 for me please.

Pit lane entry; is that after the last corner or the road running on the inside adjacent to the last corner? Also, the pit speed limit starts very early, almost on the actual track. Should we just go with what the game tells or is the pit line further up the pit entry? I cant seem to figure out which.
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UMC 22

Ok, I’ll keep looking at the forum then, I thought everything would be on SGP now on! :)
Only two of our five racing clubs are fully supported, so that is some way off yet.

Should we just go with what the game tells or is the pit line further up the pit entry?
The speed limit warning appearing doesn't mean you are in the limit zone. It appear before that to give you advance warning. Try a singleplayer race and see where you get a penalty to confirm the actual limit line.
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