Special for racers in USA [and elsewhere if you want]

Dennis Phelan

Hamden, CT, USA
I looked through my trash drawer and found an item that I thought might be of interest and it certainly is timely. Although I have tried others, they just didn't work, there was always something wrong, timing wise or whatever. Alone it is useless and it is with all of the stock car content for Race 07 but finally I found a car that would be drive-able at the Indy 500!

Any of the open wheel cars in R07 will still drive as though on rails with the wings lowered and geared to max speed. They don't really come close to being "race cars" at the oval. But the F1 Legends Racing mod for Race 07 / Race Injection is a class of cars that have no wings, F1 1967 style and on the Indy Oval they slip and slide and are hard to keep on track. Their lap times are a bit off the F3000 and FRR cars but they make you a racer instead of just a driver.

I finally put this together while watching the Indy 500 Qualifying just a few minutes ago and I would like to RUSH to get it into this weeks Club Racing schedule [since the 500 is being run on Sunday]!
The cars are already a resource, available in the RD downloads, if there are enough people interested I can add the track and put an event into the schedule for later in the week. The track is a poor rendition of Indy, mountains in the background and a racing surface[and just about all the surfaces] are just a light grey. It's not as bad as the old Papyrus Indycar II track but not EA's F2002 either.

I would like to present it at an hour that is reasonable to USA racers, unless there is no real interest from those time zones. If there is I would have it late enough for West coasters to get into it as well so a 9pm Eastern time start for practice maybe.
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