Spec Racer Ford

Feb 27, 2008
[MOD] Spec Racer Ford

First scratch mod by Beau Buisson.
The very popular SCCA Club Racing class of Spec Racer Ford. A fun, relitively easy car to drive that is (I believe) the largest class of car in SCCA. These cars are not the fastest in rFactor, but the racing is very close and fun. It's possible to run side by side and very close together for a long time with a large grid of cars.
Sounds cool ha? Pretty cool mod but still needs some work, like new helmet of driver, sounds and new cockpit i think.

http://www.rfactorcentral.com/detail.cfm?ID=Spec Racer Ford

Gareth Hickling

Feb 17, 2008
I saw this at rFcentral but didnt download it,
Im currently hooked on the new Ferrari 288 GTO mod, its fantastic :)