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Tracks Spa Francorchamps GP - DRS version 2.1

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Kenny Paton

Another beautifully converted and updated track, geat fun to be running the Belgium GP 1 week early.
Thanks again Patrick for your time, efforts and :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:suberb work.
I think there are some issues (possibly with the original track too) with bumps - mostly at Eau Rouge but also the approach to the next chicane and a few other places??

This video demonstrates what the (mod) BAC Mono thinks of Eau Rouge - other cars tend to just spin/crash but it actually flies ;0

Any ideas on a fix? Ride height? :)

Fabio Rodrigues

Reiza Studios Community Manager
Nah, the bump is most definitely there. It's easier to find with the BAC Mono for some reason, though.

Here's a different issue as well:

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With the Formula V12s I get a bump which usually causes a spin at the bottom of the dip - with the Formula Reizas it tends to be the top - even the Porsche Challenge cars find it (and it's on both versions of the SPA track listed here too)