Sourcing tubular clamps to secure Fanatec Handbrake

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    I have a Obutto Ozone cockpit and a fairly unique setup for my shifters. I just purchased a Fanatec Handbrake to make my Rally driving a bit more realistic than an on/off button and it dawned on me that I have no idea how to set up up in a way it can work with my cockpit.

    Actually, I do have an idea, I need to place it right next to the wheel between it and my rotating shifter set up.
    To do that I'll need at least 2 tubular clamps, a couple of tubes and some way to then secure the whole thing to the handbrake in a way that remains minimally adjustable and down't end up in my lap if I become a bit... enthusiastic.
    Below is how my homemade shifter system is setup. As you can see when I want to switch between my H-pattern shifter and my Sequential (Thrustmaster and DSD respectively) I release a clamp I took from an old table lamp and rotate a piece of wood I screwed in the center of the Obutto's appendage.

    This is how the H-pattern is clamped

    Below is what it looks like when I transform it to sequential

    And below is the sequential clamped in place.
    As you can see, there isn't much room to put a third peripheral in there without redesigning the whole thing and I like the ability to quickly (relatively speaking) switch my shifters.

    For that reason, I cannot mount the handbrake on it since I would like to use it with both configurations.
    The best place I can think of is between the shifter and the wheel. It will be out of the way and very reachable while driving.
    I think the tubes that are part of the wheel support and the ones to the side of the pedals would do a good job of holding it in place and if that's not enough I can always try to hook up a third support from the site of the seat.


    This below is the place I'd like to mount the handbrake at.

    What I need is:
    • something that will be strong
    • Somewhat adjustable (1 or 2 inches, 10cm max would be OK)
    • Won't allow twisting or pulling
    • will allow me to either use a tube or a bar
    • Will not require drilling of the tubes or the Obutto table (as you can see, it is my mousepad)
    • That look remotely good enough not to be a total eyesore
    • Will not require fabrication beyond what a decent toolbox can provide.
    I have a clamp, hammers, drill, but not a forge or a way to solder.

    I actually found some parts online that may work, but I would first rely on anyone that has had experience mounting these kind of peripherals and has already made the mistakes that I am doubtless going to make myself.

    I live in the USA so a US supplier and one that won;n't quire me to spend more than I paid for the handbrake, would be appreciated.
    But anything will help. Ideally, I would like some sort of tube or bar that I can clamp at the Obutto and then I can drill and mount directly onto the handbrake.
    A solid metal clamp that allows me to clamp on the Obutto's tube and then bolt a metal bar to it would be ideal. I could then reach the handbrake, bent the bar a little and bolt it to it.
    If the clamp allowed 2 bolting points, even better, so I could use more bars to connect the handbrake to the cockpit.

    I made a quick sketch on my computer (although, god only knows why I was too lazy to fire up Illustrator, Photoshop is terrible for these jobs). This is very rough, as if I had to point that out. It is really terrible, but I hope understandable.It should give you an idea of what I am thinking.
    Given more clamps, I can spread apart the joints a bit more, basically before I even sketch it properly I need to measure my cockpit, get the angles right and know what type of clamps are best to use. The obutto uses at least 2 diameter tubing. I haven't even measured that but I am hoping I can find some actual specs on it someplace.

    Something like this may be better yet. I'll have to design in in 3D or some sort of projection to get a better grasp at it.

    If any of you has some experience on this, I'd really appreciate the help.

    Thank you.
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