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Sourcing 3d models for car mods?

How do people get hold of the 3d model of a car to use as a basis for a custom car in Assetto Corsa?

I am looking in to designing a couple classic mini race cars, a Mighty mini and a Miglia, both of these are based on the Mk3 or newer body shell, I've googled and come up with a few hits but none of them are good quality. is it possible to rip the model from another game? and if so is this considered a good way to do it? I have seen that one of the Drift games has a Miglia lookalike so it could be a place to start?


RD sticks to legal methods of acquisition, so either make it yourself, or obtain it with permission (modders for other games are most likely to be open to sharing models that aren't in AC but on occasion game devs also say yes)
Thanks, I've just found another Mini cooper Mod car and it's body is close enough to what i want to make, I've been messing around with Car Tuner and have managed to make it feel closer to the Mighty in regards to performance, the handling is still a little off but with a bit of time I hope to get it closer.