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Sound modding, am I doing it right!?

I follow what the .pdf in the sdk folder says, but, I'm not sure if I'm doing it correctly. I put the .wav files for the car I'm doing in an assets folder, in the same way as the Abarth folder is organised. I duplicate the tatuus events folder, renaming it to the car I'm doing. I assign the events to a bank with the name of the car I'm doing, export the guids and build the bank. However, I'm not sure if what is emerging is what I put into the Assets folders.

I did a Countach and I'd extracted the .wavs from a mod for a Lamborghini SE Jota. All I wanted was the sound from that mod but with brake sounds that weren't Kunos. I extracted them from another mod that had sounds I liked, renamed them to what the Kunos ones were and put them into the common asset folder. They come through fine in the mod. What does sound very different is the engine, it just doesn't sound like it did when I put the SE Jota sound in the Countach originally. It sounds like an adapted Tatuus. When I extract the files in the bank, they are not the files I put into the asset folders.

What is happening!? Am I missing something!? Do you other modders not use the .fspro file in the SDK folder, do you start from scratch? If you do, how!?
Ok, slight addendum, what I think was happening was that, when bank was built, the metadata from the original Kunos Countach may have been what was being put into the bank. The car I put the mod in originally was a Diablo I got from A3DR, so I've put that through the .fspro file in the sdk and I'll see what comes out. Metadata for that should be correct, we will see.....

I'm a rookie, not a Wookie, I'm not that experienced, so do bear with me!
I think this rookie Wookie just found his Han Solo, ACFan has posted some tutorials on YouTube, I'll bone up on them and see what I get out of them.
I've worked out what to do with the sounds, however, hearing them in FMOD Studio is another matter. I have a Soundblaster Z, FMOD knows it's there, but, it won't play the audio, what preference do I set so the audio plays?
What a doofus!! You have to double click the sample at the bottom of the screen to hear the sound! I'm sure they don't tell you that in the manual and ACFan was so fast I kept missing what he did. You live and learn, more often than not the hard way, LOL!

Onwards and upwards!
It's an adventure, ACFan pointed me in the right direction. Can't share anything I produce though as it is other mods that I'm modding.
Hmm, it does help if wav files are clearly named when you extract them. With some I really wanted to do I have no idea what is supposed to go where thanks to poor file names.

I did do something interesting earlier though. I found I'd lost the original Kunos wavs for the 2 Ferrari GTO's the 250 and the 288. I opened Steam and somehow, by ticking and unticking the box that said the DLC they came in was installed, I tricked it into thinking that it wasn't. I then ran an integrity check and it reinstalled them for me!
Dammit!! That integrity check kicked out all the Fonsecker sounds I'd put in! Knickers! Have to go and put them all back now!