Sound editing (.bank file don't work)

Hello! So I managed to create a .bank file, but there's no engine sound in-game. What might I have done wrong? I actually did not change anything yet, just opened the Fmod project that came with the game, in the SDK folder, renamned the bank and placed it in another cars SFX folder. The GUIDs file show the correct paths and names. The car loads and drives alright, but the engine sound is absolutely silent. Is the Fmod project that comes with the game incorrect? Did I do something wrong when saving the .bank and GUIDs file?
Your problem is related to FMOD changes by Kunos devs because they improved the stereo effect.
Read the AC changelog, there are some lines like this one (outdated) I took as example:
"Updated FMod to 1.05.14 - probably you need to rebuild your banks"

Often mods with unique sounds work fine but mods that use copied 'old' Kunos sounds need fixing.
From your words I can understand that you copied your sound from another official car.
This problem is usually related to very old mods :cautious:. Solution: don't download old mods, which follow outdated standards :rolleyes:.

If you're making the sound from scratch with the Fmod project instead, following the audio pipeline works perfectly fine for me, so:
Check your fmod project export settings to be for a 7.1 mix;
also, if you have a version of Fmod different than 1.08.12, don't use it or you'll have big problems, since some plugins are missing in later releases, like the Distance Filter.

SInce Assetto Corsa is no longer updated, you can easily swap sounds without worrying, as there won't be more Fmod changes :thumbsup:.
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