(Sort of) News on Hypercar


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Jul 10, 2017

No to GTE+, no to DPi. And the announcement that there will be an announcement.

What really got me is this though:

These include Porsche, Ferrari, McLaren and Ford, a number of whom have told DSC via senior sources that they have a variety of possible programmes all reliant on Hypercar regulations, and Balance of Performance being deliverable for the promised budget levels.

Hypercar will really be a BoP formula? Really?
Nov 3, 2015
Balancing was built into the original regs via hard limits on drag/aero/power, GTE style BoP is a last resort afaik- I read the statement as a catch-all saying "don't let this be EoT again". There might well be overall BoP - success ballast is a kind of bop - I sincerely hope not though or I'm done with the whole series.

Been waiting for this 'news", guess no news is somewhat good news.
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