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Something from a few years back (Before VR) I built from Scratch

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Brightonuk, Jun 10, 2019.

  1. Brightonuk


    A few videos from 8 years ago of experimenting with motion sim trying to get the best immersion factor using a PJ all rather crude but the dome was a great concept for the time. (Sorry about the crappy camera work)

    The first attempt was a large curved whiteboard

    And still with the same concept only bigger

    Then I came up with this idea:

    Then bigger is better again:

    I use a large transparent acrylic skylight cut in half for the second attempt at the dome idea. but that one was not big enough so I purchased the biggest skylight available cut it in half and used Goo Paint (which allows you to project an image from the front of the screen) spayed on the skylight.
    The main issue was the image was not sharp and distorted as it bends around the dome.
    I needed to add two more PJs and use software to blend all three images into one but it just got way to complex.
    Now we got VR but back then the dome was a great idea

    There are more videos on my Youtube channel of my attempts at getting total immersion on a budget.
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