Somebody from US could enlighten me?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by mrs1986, Jan 11, 2016.

  1. mrs1986


    Hi all!

    I didn't know this forum wasn't from US, but seeing that now, i would like to know if there is somebody from US?
    I would like to buy something and I need to know about the customs...
    The thing is like this, I live in Uruguay, and we can have packages delivered to US and sent back to Uruguay via a courier that makes a reship to our country.
    I would like to buy a wheel for my G27, of course, aliexpress is the cheapest option as it won't go to a car and it doesn't matter the durability of the item...
    The total cost is 50 dollars, do you guys think the customs could seize the item? And I should pay taxes? Because as I'm outside US I can't do those things...

    Thanks a lot and sorry for the question really off off topic. :)

    Edit: Sorry, didn't mention that the cost of the item sent to my country would be like 145 including taxes and shipping... So is kinda crazy...
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