Some wip projects


Too much going on...
Finally, ETCC 2002! :D

I don't know why the painters and modders missed the 2002-2004 years. That years has a good skins.
Firstly I'm confused, why you name your images files as 2003-1 and 2003-2, but the skins is a wip 2002 skins, and the BMW has the fender from 2002.

Do you plan to make the RJN Nissan Primera S2000 too? :)


Too much going on...
It is 2002, the names of the images are not important :p
I have been looking for the 2002 season myself for a long time, so I decided to make it.
The plan was to just make a simple skinpack, but as you can see, the bmw's are of a different version, so I had to make a lot of editing. And the volvos has got some updates too, and the materials are updated.
Then I didn't like the original physics so much, and the first s2000 cars had some different specs anyway, so I started editing. I haven't decided exactly what cars to make, but there is no nissan now.


Too much going on...
Taking a short break from the ETCC 2002 cars to refresh my eyes and brain.
So nothing new about that mod yet.

Sorting some game contents (made by others) and trying to make them look consistent and as good as I can. It's actually very interesting to try to improve something with quite limited possibilities.
What's made for game and mods:

* Added updated shaders (by Bjarne Hansen)
* GEMFX with own custom settings
* Sorted all my tracks and added missing information
* Fixed specular power to max 1 for a lot of track materials (can be too bright otherwise with the updated shaders)
* Edited track light and fog, makes a big difference actually
* More visible groove for some tracks
* Added some ai tweaks to other cars to make them look less 'robotic' or 'slidey' when racing.

For me these tweaks make Race07 'good enought' to still enjoy :)