Some shots from Formula E test day 5

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    just a few shots from formula e testing day 5 at the home of the new Motorsport all the teams will be based at the donington track , with the likes of BMW , Ford , McLaren Mercedes all considering entries to the electric car sport

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    Img.1 Both the virgin racing cars have a new version of the famous flying girl emblem but instead of a wearing a leotard and holding a British flag like the fly girls on the fleet of aircraft they have a race suit and they are colour coded so its easy to detect the driver Holly is named after R. Branson's Daughter while daughter in law Bellie (Isabella) who is on the second car has the same design however she is in purple has short hair and a purple helmet and a purple flag.

    Img.2 : Andretti Racing's Franck Montagny really friendly driver I have his autograph on a formula E pre season guide that are given out at the test day's (same day the image was taken while in a pit lane walkabout I was the first person in the pits when they opened it for 30 mins to the public there was around 300 People behind me)

    he will also drive for the teams Dallara built Indy car during 2015 all the cars in formula chassis wise are built by dallara while alot of the other components are built by various formula 1 teams/Manufacturers including McLaren and Williams and very well known suppliers such as Michelin who will use total performance tires , which they are now rolling out to most Motorsports orignally starting with Le-mans now they have gone into Rallying and soon will be on the ginetta cars according to a statement via a Ginetta team likely from 2015


    a formula e Race wheel held up by a team Amlin aguri (Amlin is a massive UK insurance provider the team was originally called Formula E super aguri) pit crew member the wheel has had a few different revisions the first was very similar to that of the Lotus Exos T125 but the new wheel's been completely revamped to include settings to adjust the braking map and the battery map these are causing the teams a few problems though at the moment a too high battery , braking & Motor map are killing the battery in around 12 laps and then resulting in a 1 Hour recharge the voltage for the charging points are rated around 700 volts a half flat battery can be recharged in 30mins all teams will have 2 cars for each driver meaning a driver change during races to switch cars (No tire changes the tires are designed to cope with the road conditions and are all weathers slicks wont work as they will be torn to pieces as a road circuit as they don't use the same coating and type of surfacing according to a FIA spokesperson told me - the car change is expect to be around 20-25 seconds around the same as a driver change in le-man or American le-mans)


    Former F1 Driver Lucas De Grassi's helmet shot from the front of the Team Audi ABT racing garage at around 250mm

    Holly (6435).jpg IMG_5679.jpg wheel2.jpg di grassi2.jpg