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Some General Questions After Completing My First Track

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Pangaea, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. Pangaea


    Hi Folks, and seasons greets to ya`ll

    Well ive just finished the alpha of my very first track. After getting to know btb a little better ive got a bunch of questions that dont seem to be covered in the vid tutorials or that i can see on the forum specific to RBR.
    First of all here the new track:

    When creating tracks and doing very tight hairpins the mesh is quite chunky, ide like to some how smoothen things out here by creating new polygons, however creating new control point nodes on around a corner dosent seem to create new mesh so the corner is smoother. Still on the subject of track, I was curious to know if its possible to blend a different "texture" (not surface property) over the texture that is currently on the track... for example, ide like to blend a section of track gradually into another texture but keeping the same surface feel, ie gravel.. The only way i can see btb doing close to this is selecting "sections" of the track and apply a new texture, but its a sudden change. i want a gradual blend, such as the same method used in the terrain texture blend paint tool.
    How do I edit or change the sky texture? and how do I add a panoramic background image such as a hdri image? .. How do i set up camera positions and actions for RBR (i see this option is only available for rFactor) is this possible? ... Is it possible to make animated objects such as the the start gate marshal count down? (I am fairly familiar with 3dsmax). ..
    when loading any btb track including others ive downloaded from here and other places i get an error LoadFx .... shadowvolume.fx ... and have noticed that things dont seem to be casting shadow, either on the car, the terrain or objects.

    anyway sorry for all the questions, but i thought ide lump them all into the one post

    Merry xmas, happy new year
  2. R Soul

    R Soul

    You can do it with surfaces:
    (since I made that post the interface has changed a little bit; sufaces are now add/moved/removed in the 3d view instead of the top view).

    You have to make your own texture which has the second texture drawn on to the first.

    I don't have RBR but I think there's a plugin that you need for some tracks. I think it's called RX.
  3. zaxxon


    Surfaces have a "panel length" parameter. You can change it from 5m to 1-2m on those difficult corners and add more surfaces so you can control better the shape.

    As R Soul says, create a transition texture and use it in an interface surface between your original surfaces.

    In the download section there is an sky object with several sky textures. May be that fits your needs

    Cameras are not available.

    Animations are not possible.

    I don't know the origin of the shadowvolume.fx error.

    AFAIK shadows are not working. May be in BTB 0.9 or later.
  4. Pangaea



    Hi folks, and thanks very much for the feedback.

    Im still having trouble with this shadowvolume.fx error when loading btb tracks.

    LoadEffect() : error in RX_CONTENT\COMMON\FX\shadowvolume.fx

    I did a search on my whole system (after a fresh install of rbr with 2011mod + extras) and nothing showed up. I did a search online trying to locate a download source for the file shadowvolume.fx.. but I cant see anything in reference to it. The only thing I did find was this:



    but it dosent look like either of these are anything to do with richard burns rally.. I dunno are they?

    It looks like when playing btb tracks there are no shadows being produced... I always get this same error for every btb track ive ever played,, rbr2009 / 2010 and now 2011 ...

    Can somone help explain what this error is, and where to locate this "shadowvolume.fx" file so i can download and put it into the folder it needs to be.

    PS. I read this thread here:

    But there dosent seem to be any conclusion or solution to that thread.

    Seasons Greets
  5. Pangaea


    Oh nevermind.. solved... was miss spelling the file when searching my system.. found it in btb common files.
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