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Some color choices

Made some quick and dirty color mods with previews.


Download Here!

Just extract the contents to your AC_TechPreview folder. Or whatever name you gave your main folder. You can select the different colors ingame, by clicking on the "i" icon by the car, and then clicking on the color swatch icon at the top of the screen that looks like this:

Edit: New Colors!

Download more colors!

If anyone's interested in a simple preview maker, then here's one in PSD format.
I don't really want to make a tutorial on this, but who has PS installed, should figure it out.



May as well link in here. I guess someone else did a purple one at the same time, it's all good.

zip files should be extracted to /AC_TechPreview/content/cars/lotus_elise_sc/skins, so that each has its own named folder.


"Light Cream" This one isn't an official paint colour for the Lotus,


"Aubergine Purple"


"Krypton Green" - oops, for the SC this was called "Isotope Green"


"Magnetic Blue" - oops, for the SC this was called "Persian Blue"

I made these with GIMP, using the DDS plugin available here.
1) Open metal_detail.dds
2) Layer>Mask>Add Layer Mask... Choose "Transfer layer's alpha channel".
3) Fill the layer with new color, leaving the alpha channel alone.
4) Save in new folder.
5) Check in-game how it looks, then make livery.png and preview.jpg that approximately match the colour.


and a 2nd question.. is there a file or layer for the reflection?.. would be nice to make a mat one or a chrome one and all such stuff :D
I haven't dug into the shader or anything, but it seems like it's using the alpha channel of metal_detail for specular brightness (to simulate metal flake paint) and that's about all the control you get.
I haven't worked with a DX11 shader file before so I'm not at all familiar what it's compiled from, or if decompilers exist.

On another note, if you want to change more than just the colour, drop "CAR_chassis_D.dds" and "Cerchione.png" into a skin folder. One's the body, the other's the rims.

I don't have wireframes to work from. Still, I'm sure you guys can work things out. If you don't want it looking blown-out crazy bright like this, set the transparency to about 20%, which lets the detail map show through.