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Peter Boese

Peter Boese submitted a new resource:

Sol - a dynamic weather system for Assetto Corsa/Shader Patch

Sol is a weather simulation system for Assetto Corsa/Shader Patch

A manual is included - please read it !!!

Be sure you have installed the latest version of AC Shader Patch by Ilja Usupov:

Sol is an weatherFX implementation. WeatherFX is part of the AC Shader Patch and brings
new graphics to AC:
- new clouds ( free positioning, normal maps,...
Read more about this resource...
I read the manual and did as it says but it won't work for me. The time wont advance past 18 o clock and CM gives me an error message: "Could not find part of the path C:\.....\sol_config.lua
What can I do to fix this?

Nevermind, I installed via CM. My bad!
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Leonardo Ratafiá

hi, i've reading the manual and from page 15 and on I don't quite understand if those are extra options or where do you have to set those parameters.
from "Post Processing filter" to the end I'm just lost.
Mabye ive done something wrong but i cant get this thing to work :( When i press start race the track loads but not the car. And when the loading comes to the car it automaticly stops and throws me out of the game :(


Unfortunately it won't work. Doesn't matter which Sol I use there is just a bland sky with no clouds at all. Am I missing something here?
Hello. I am trying this Sol because it was really hyped up in the Custom Shader community. I have the same problem with it as with GbW, that during sunny weather it is too yellow for me. Increasing the colour temperature in the filter does not seem to have any effect. How can I make it "bluer" without reshade or such programs?

Alistair McKinley

The best you can do is to open the manual and CM and to follow Peter's instructions step by step.
It took me about five minutes to install and to set up SOL correctly. Everything I have tested so far worked like a charm.
Don't forget to check your CM and your Shaders Patch versions before you install SOL.


You need preview 41.

Have you read the manual included? It’s really important to follow all steps carefully
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