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Software for mapping buttons on my wheel?

Danny O'Neill

Hi all, the title says it all really, I've bought a new rim hub for my wheel base (CSL elite) and even though it's from a well known manufacturer I can't get the buttons mapped as I'd like, i.e. a back button and a select button, I'm mainly playing automobilista 2 atm.
I can use my keyboard but as I race in vr I would like to map these actions to my wheel, my old rim could do it but the hub doesn't seem to be able to do it.
It can map buttons in the games wheel settings but I can't seem to be able to map a back or select button on the wheel, this goes for other games as well, very frustrating.
Is there any software that can map the buttons, but it I want the software to be a simple as possible to use, not something that takes a degree to work out (not the smartest tool in the box lol) :)
There are a few different options. Auto Hot Key and Joy2key are free, but take a bit of figuring out.

Xpadder is another option, it costs about £6 I think, but it gives you a proper interface where you can add an image of your wheel and it automatically registers the buttons when you press them. Personally I think it is a bit simpler to use because it's more visual.
Learn the basics of AutoHotkey. It's much more versatile and powerful. You can for instance, make a button do several actions one after the other, or work differently depending if you are in the game or not, or assign a different function if you keep it pressed, or with button combinations, or make them play sounds, or do operations with files, control your mouse, etc. etc.
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Hi, maybe you want to take a look at my software (written largely in AutoHotkey). It is so much more, than you are asking for, but it can do that as well...