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So many AC + CM questions!


Good afternoon all

After how ever many years AC has been out, I've finally decided to invest some time getting it set up properly but ........... I've been 3 days watching tutorials and reading posts so this is where I'm at I purchased all the DLC then installed content manager, CSP and finally SOL. I've not touched the surface of these yet as there is a lot to deal with so a few questions If you don't mind:
Trying to download some of the mods is a bit of an issue then I found out you could just drag it to CM and it will do the rest but some vids show mods being put into root folder, content, car or tracks so are there 2 ways to install mods?
I have a triple screen set up but I have to set up the screen every time I go onto the track from the triple screen app so I need a little help with that please.
I did a few laps with one of the Kunos F1 Ferrari at Red Bull but my car became see through when I got to track and that seems to have happened after I installed Sol this morning so anyone help with that please.
I'm currently downloading one of the NFS class A pack so I dragged it to CM but it's taking a long time to install and I have a feeling, I shouldn't have done it this way so help again please.
I have so many questions which I will try to find answers for by watching tutorials etc but I'm sure I will have more questions for you kind people here. I'm really enjoying getting to grips with AC so having recently not done any sim racing for over a year I'm gradually getting back up to speed but not on the track lol. Anyway guys If you do have time to help it would be very much appreciated. Cheers