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So...is this what the gamers where expecting of RIDE?

Discussion in 'RIDE' started by KennyBarroz, Feb 21, 2016.

  1. I did not have any expectations

  2. I thought it was spot on

  3. I was expecting more actually

  4. I never thought it could get this bad

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  1. KennyBarroz


    Hi everyone! Please share your experience with the game, use the two topics below that i have used.

    So, lets see here....What have we seen since the game was released March 27, 2015?

    We have all seen four DLC packs being released and only containing new bikes, not a single new track has been released or added to the game since release.

    The game futures a fair amount of bikes from different manufactures such as Aprilia, Bimota, BMW Motorrad, Ducati, Erik Buell Racing, Energica Motor Company, Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Lightning, MV Agusta,Suzuki, Triumph and Yamaha

    There are also 15 real-world locations including circuits such as Imola, Magny-Cours, Donington Park, Road America, Potrero, and Sugo, as well as places such as North Wales, Milan and the French Riviera.

    But is this what i was expecting?

    I was expecting something more complete, something that resembles a true pinnacle of motorcycle games. Something that would topp the all time favorite Tourist Thropy game that is offering the best experience for those gamers who wants to enjoy the thrill of riding a motorbike. RIDE is not really giving me all the joy and happiness i was expecting...

    But what do I really think of RIDE?

    I think its good, but like i said, it does not feel complete, lack of tracks, not enough bikes or customization. These are my biggest concerns with RIDE below.

    1. Lack of content, as it is now, it makes the game short and monotonous.
    2. Poor online service. bad communication with players in race, not a complete experience.
    3. Visually its not as good as it could have been. Camera angles, replay cameras, sound.
    4. Could have more customization support, like painting fairings or rider suits.
    5. Need more bikes that changed the industry. FZR750 is cool, but a RG500 is badass!

    I wish that someday, they would make a motorcycle game that could be complete.
    I mean not perfect, but complete with alot of material and fun for the true enthusiast...
    Almost like a ProjectCars, AssettoCorsa or Forza/GranTurismo Game... but with bikes.

    I can only dream of it i guess...

    Last edited: Feb 21, 2016
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  2. polerst


    For me there is no interesting career mode. Even in their MotoGP series career mode is very, very boring. :/
    And there should be more customization options, as you said :)
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  3. oldmodelt


    Everyone of your points I can deal with. What just killed this game for me was the snail's pace loading times. I'm an older gamer and the thought of having to sit through these and read the stupid bike info page for the umpteenth time is awful. I have only so much time left on this planet and don't want to be bored doing it.
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