Snap oversteer under braking

Ivo Simons

Hope you guys have some tips for it. :)

I usually drive with 53:47 brake bias (sometimes a little bit lower) with other F1 mods and brake pressure arround 95. But that doesnt work for me for this mod. Because i have snap oversteer while braking for the corner. Even when i raise my coast to 40 i still have it.
I can raise the bias to 56:44 (wich makes it a little better) and less brake pressure. But i dont like that because i still lock up my wheels easy with it, and the cornering isnt getting better with it.

So hope you guys can help me out? :)
Brakemap has been mentioned, that could be part of the solution. You already mentioned the other solution in the original post and that is to move brake balance forwards. Of course suspension, diff and to some extent wing settings might help, but BM and BB are the obvious solutions. You might want to check that there is no problem with your brake pedal with sensitivity or something like that that can make it difficult for you to slow the car. If everything is technically right and the setup is right the last possible source is the driver. I don't know you or your experience but I've seen many drivers struggle with brakes when they stop using ABS brakes for example. It takes alot of time and training to be a good trailbraker. The way you describe it that the car becomes slightly better with 54% FWD BB (which is not extreme in any way) but you instead lockup the fronts suggests that the problem might be that you haven't found the sweetspot in the braking technique yet.
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