Small question concerning replays

I record all of the hotlaps I do in various cars, and view them later at my leisure (it's cool how you can slow them down... :redface:). The only problem is, with 99% of the mods I view, the skins are incredibly low-res in the replays. Is there a way around this?
Copy this in the relevant section in your PLR (not sure it will solve your problem but we can go one step at a time)

Record Replays="1" // whether to record replays or not
Save All Replay Sessions="1" // whether to save the replay from each session
Record To Memory="0" // record replays to memory rather than disk (may possibly reduce stuttering, but at your own risk because memory usage will be significant for long races)
Compress Replay="1" // whether to compress VCR file (uses less disk space but takes more time to write)
Replay Wraparound="0" // whether replays wraparound in the fridge
Auto Monitor Replay="1" // whether to automatically start a replay when returning to monitor
Record Hotlaps="1" // whether to record hotlaps or not (must have replay recording on)
Instant Replay Length="20"
Replay Fidelity="4"
Super Player Replay="1" // record player at higher frequency
Number Track Replays="100" // how many replays to store for each track (using default naming convention only!)
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