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Slow Online Play


Jason Parks

HIya guys, wander if someone can help me.......

Problem>>>>When playing online after a while maybe 10-20 mins, I start to get FPS drop to around 30, usually Im maxed out at 60.....Offline play I do not get this. Sometimes its fine, sometimes it drops, but is really annoying....

System>>AN-m2HD, 4800X2@3.07ghz, 2GB Ram@880Mhz, 8800 GT EVGA 640mb, Dlink 520+ Wireless NIC, 1280X720 HDTV @60Hz, 20Mb Broadband line

I do not get lag or stuttering in GTR2 online, that runs sweet as, Ive tried turning all settings to low, v Sync on or off, AA off or on, makes no difference in GTR evo.....

Any help would be great as this is getting quite frustrating!!

Easy now

Jason Parks

Incase anyone is having similar truobles I have resolved this issue. After a couple of hours questioning my knowledge and trying every different setting i could find.....Nothing, Started to question my hardware, but no other game gave me trouble. I saw a little thread somewhere about multi core processors and GTR Evo.

In task manager you can change affinty of processes, so changed Race_o7 from dual core to single core and hey presto, maxed out FPS and Visual settings and not a stutter in sight....

Why this happens Im not sure, obv doesnt like my dual core AMD :O
48942 - 48957r

Chris Standring

AMD dual cores can be fussy, more so than Intel, but if you checkout the AMD site and lookup your cpu they have optimising software that can manage that for you and save you the trouble of having to assign it manually.

Dave Stephenson

RaceDepartment Technical Administrator
Staff member
Sep 4, 2007
it luuurrvs my intel quad. im glad i didnt get the amd now.

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