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Slow frame rate in BTB stages

I found an old thread about this but was mostly talking about older hardware.
Was just wondering if the slow fps I am getting on some of the btb stages is considered normal or not for my specs.

I am running 5760 x 1080 triple screen on an i3 3.3Ghz, 8gb DDR3 ram, AMD Radeon HD7750 1GB with Windows 7 64.

I get good frame rates on other sim racing games (rFactor, Race07 with nearly max details & 30 cars), and get 100 - 150+ on standard RBR stages.
Sweet Lamb is one BTB stage that runs good 100+fps, but most others (Ouninpohja, but also shorter stages like Humalamaki) are 30-40fps and undriveable.

I have tried a lot of the suggestions with editing ini files (vSyncActive value to 0, WaitRetrace = false, UseCubicEnvironmentMaps = true), and also tried lower resolution, which have helped a bit but only to about 45fps.

Are there any tricks or shortcut command line switches (like rfactors +highprio & +fullproc) or the like that help rbr on newer hardware?

Are there any settings in Catalyst that should make much of a difference in this older game? Tried basically setting everything to low but didn't notice much.
Have also tried using Radeon Pro to adjust the "flip queue size" as this helped a lot on an older system but didn't seem to make any difference.

I am thinking this is probably normal as a lot of the BTB stages are not "optimised" to run like the original stages, but just thought I would check what others say about those specs.