slider bars , silly question but!

Nick Milton

Apr 28, 2014
as i learn the set up etc and read and take advice, i just got a shock, and sent me into confusion( not hard)
take brake bias, looking at it, i " assumed" left is front right is rear, so move slider to left, add front brake bias. and right adds rear,
and other sliders generally are , left softer/lower, and right harder/higher ?

i just read that it is opposite?

why i thought that, i cant tell you, but help me here, which is it :) and is the same relevant throught out the setting,


Dec 22, 2009
Left is a smaller number, right is larger. What that means depends on the item being tuned.

For brake bias, it's percent front brakes, so higher numbers = more front braking. Springs are in Nm, so higher numbers = stiffer. Ride height higher = higher, etc.

The main tricky one is toe - it's adjusting the length of the tie rod, so it's car specific - if the tie rod is in front of the wheel higher is toe-out, if the tie rod is behind the wheel then higher is toe-in.
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