SLI rendering mode for best performance in GSCExtreme

Normally in rF2 and AC I use the Nvidia SLI mode to get best fps with SLI enabled.

Noticed today that my nVidia Control Panel had set my rFactor SLI mode to 'Force alternate frame rendering 2' by default after upgrading to nVidia GeForce v337.88 drivers.

When I initially tried to enable SLI in GSCExtreme with the SLI Visual Inidicator enabled, I did not see any SLI running at all !?!?

So I changed the GSCExtreme SLI mode to 'Force alternate frame rendering 2' (instead of Nvidia SLI) and now it is working great! Getting around 150fps - 200fps with my Lenovo Y500 SLI Geforce GT 650M laptop.

Really pleased with GSCExtreme, great job by Reiza on using the rFactor engine to bring another great sim racing experience to life!
Hi guy, i have sli to,
but i don't know where is 'force alternato frame rendering 2',
can u take print screen ?
On your Nvidia Control panel, go to manage 3d applications, then from the drop down select gsc.exe, about half way down you should find SLI Rendering Mode, its by default on auto, you can change it to Single GPU, alternate 1 and alternate 2.

I tried alternate 2 but it didnt seem to do much for me. Running a Sli gtx 580,
Can you tell us what the alternate 1 and 2 mean mate and what it does?
Alternate frame rendering 1 and alternate frame rendering 2 are essentially the same thing. What it does in alternate frame rendering 1 is the driver designates the top card to render all the odd numbered frames 1, 3, 5...etc and the bottom card renders the even ones 2, 4, 6...etc. alternate frame rendering 2 simply reverses the work load with the top card doing the even frames and the bottom doing the odd ones.

Split frame rendering is exactly what it sounds like. The driver cuts the screen in half and one card renders the top of the image while the other card renders the bottom. This is often the least efficient mode because the work load between the cards is not even and then there is also image overlap.

Single GPU is still actually using SLI but all the frames are rendered and compiled on the primary GPU.

Nvidia recommended simply uses the default method that the SLI profile calls for.