SLI display connection - cable recommendation?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Fleskebacon, Dec 7, 2016.

  1. Fleskebacon


    I've recently built a formula wheel with the Symprojects Race-Pro SLI, but I struggle to find the best cable for connecting it. I've mounted a USB port right beside the wheel base, and I'm currently using a 1,5 m coiled USB cable.

    It works kind of nice, but the cable is a bit too short and gets in the way when steering more than 90 degrees. It also sometimes wiggles loose from the USB socket, which is bad. I could get a longer cable, but I can't find the correct length.

    Any good ideas on how to make this better?

    The best could be a longer coiled cable, with an angled micro USB connector, and a fairly long stretch of straight cable in each end, but I can't find it. Further, replacing the usb for something more rigid could be an option.