Skoda Octavia Cup @ Autodrom Most - Tue October 5th 2010

Neil Tasker

Jun 7, 2010
oh man i love these cars

great choice ivo

wow my first race after a little break away and what a good idea to take a break, was not expecting to grab two podiums and my first ever win, was a plesure to be racing with you all, great battling with adam in 2nd race,
May 12, 2010
Another Great racing with Skodas:D.

I made realy good laps in practice. I qualy made rubbish laps with a second worse than PB. The grip was very close, so starded to tge race on P7. R1 good start, in the first breaking sections someone in front made a bit of mess, so I was trying to avoid and pass all slower cars and did, I think I was somewhere near 4th with Ivo on my tail. on the last turn of lap one Ivo went inside, so I made him a room, but still started to brake as late as was posible and had slight slide closing the door for Ivo, Sorry It wasn't my intention to block You that way. Ivo hit me, but it was my fault. I went a bit on the grass and lost 3 positions. After that I was behind Valerio, so I was watching for a lot of fun like always with this Guy. We passed Kamil and Ivo after their incident and after that Valerio spun just in front of me, luckly I was able to avoid him, but must go on the grass again, loosing position to Ivo one more time. I went back on tarmac and decided to stay on it to the finish line:wink:. I was just in front of Amir had great fun with him trough view laps trying to pull away, but after every 2 sec. gap I,ve made I made some minor mistake and saw the black Skoda in the mirrors again. Before the end of the race I maged to make gap about 8-9 sec and finished 5th.

Q2 worse than Q1 P8.
R2-good start a bit of fun withValerio and Kamil trying to cath up with Łukasz and went to wide on the grass, spun and Kamil hit me, sorry again for that, like I said first mistake on this turn ever:redface:. I waited for Kamil and both of us went to pits , the car was extremly damaged -I wasn'able to drive on the 4th gear without a spun....48 sec in the pits. Back on the track and did great lap times, triyng to cath up with Łukasz. Made laps near PB and over 1,5 sec better than in Q At this stage I was closing the gap near a second every sector. Sudenly My Windows decided tho minimize the rf and I hit a barrier. I lost position to Kamil. We had 2 or 3 laps of fun toogether, but during ones of my overtaking attempts we had a typical racing incident, unlukcly it was an over for Kamil. I finished 8th as a last runing vehicle. For me it was kind of Kamilish race:wink:.

thx to Ivo, RD, and all I've raced with. Hope next time we 'll have bigger grid.
May 12, 2010
Second to last corner i got a good run on Kamil but he blocked me abit so stayed behind him. Then he started to drift on the corner and i couldnt really avoid him. (but maybe i could i dont know.) Still sorry for that.
It was me, I think .if we talking abou t the last corners of the first lap. I think You have contact with Kamil in the T1 of the second lap. In my case You probably can't do no offence.