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Skip Barber version 1.54 realeased

Love it. Subtle but very nice update. FFB improvement most noticable because of the ultra chassis.
Car is easier to drive now, but harder to get it really fast. A bit lighter on the rear mid corner aswell. Better brakes. :)

Yeah club races with the skip. Searching since forever for a Skip league.


All the gear, no idea...
one of the cars ive been really hoping would get an update, just reinstalling after a reformat but im pretty excited to see what the new skippy is saying

David O'Reilly

A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.
Ive never raced multiplayer.
In my human form that is. As Skippy AI I am in there all the time of course.

Seriously though it would be interesting. Maybe Silverstone national?
I'm glad of any kind of updates but why no new content?
I would love to see new content as well, but the oval has a nice road course for multiclass and I can only recommend you to try a bit of oval racing. Havent tried the kart layouts until now. I myself made fun of it, but racing the Indycars at Indy with speeds up to 380kph and gaps between the cars within a few inches requires a whole new mindset and reflexes.
I would have hoped for a new car, but I am very happy, that ISI seems to bring all cars up to the current standard. For example the update of all four GT cars was a really big thing and they were practically new cars to drive. I hope we will see the stock cars soon. They should be a lot of fun on a road course.

Funny thing is, that I saw several people complain, that the old content doesnt get love, but when it does people want new content. I hope the increased speed in updates stays like it is currently or improves.

If you compare 2014 to 2012 in terms of update rate ISI made a few steps in the right direction. I hope it stays like this.

David O'Reilly

A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.
There are so many ISI tracks and modders tracks that I have yet to get close to mastering that personally, I dont hunger for more content.

A couple of months ago practicing for the VSC2 I got 400 laps in at Silverstone. I'm relatively competititve there now.
A few weeks ago I got 500 laps in at Mid Ohio and same result.
Sao Paulo I did 1 GT race and was relatively competitive, one ASR 1992 Race and was slow to middling. I want to race Sao Paulo much more.
In the last 2 weeks Ive got some laps in at the awesome Nordschleife. Ihope it winsthe Blurry for best modded track in 2015 poss too new in 2014 to have been appreciated.
This week Ive been doing Magny cours which I dont really like but have a race there.

The list of tracks that have yet to have enough laps to know well (for me) and then exploit from a racing perspective is long.
EG Historic Monaco, last time I raced it was in a RC car. So next weeks ASR 1991 race will be a great reason to get into it.

Then theres the list of to do's that havent been touched like an Indy car race at Indianapolis.
A 24 hour race at Le Mans (later in theyear).

So in my own little time consuming way of focussing hard on one track then enjoying a few races on it there is already not enough days in the week. Thats before we see what surprise combos Gijs and Daiman throw at us in the Club Scene
But thats just me.
Anyone whose tried it have any opinions on the update, hows it driving?
It is much improved in my view, you can drive it sanely or push it beyond reason (lap time will suffer), a fun car no doubt.
A very good school car before graduating to historical OW.
Regional and National feel quite different and require different setups (National being more oversteery).