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Stuart Thomson

The Stoat Without Fear ™
I like it - the only possible thing I'd look at is that there isn't a great deal of contrast in tones between the colours, so the flash doesn't stand out quite as much as it could.

With that red at the rear (which is quite orangey) I'd be thinking more along the lines of a yellow flash with a white outline, instead of orange with yellow. It would just contrast and stand out a lot more, I think.

You could move the rear "M&M" forward so it doesn't stray onto the wheel arch, as it looks a bit stretched.

But it's a nice design, the above is merely personal preference.
I made a second version.

Personally I like the colors this way so I didn't change the colors.
But I moved the m&ms logo little bit to the front and I added a M&M guy.
But I'm not quite sure if this is better.


looks pretty good only thing a would change Stu sayed already the yellow flash line doent give much contrast maybe you can
make a 2nd line in White outlining the yellow flash :)

Lucas Degen

I've you looking for logo's you can try to download EPS or what I do when a logo is not there, do a Google Search for a PDF (press release) of the company I want the logo from. Sometimes in the PDF there's a logo in it. For skinning, you want a transparant vector file: EPS or PDF.

Good luck.
mmh de website seems to be down at the moment Lucas. But thanks for the advice.

BTW. I had no time to change the livery because we had a deadline to send it for the RDHGP.
But the Screenshot from Stu looks much nicer then my screenshot and I like it.

You find the liveries here btw. RDHGP Liveries


Hello !

I am new here and i got one question!

I have few skins for GTR2 (Abarth) and i want to put this skins into GT Legends!So is there some program to convert from .gtr to .gtl?

I try with Geditor and i failed!

Anyy help?


Wayne Reed

Its the same car so there should be no reason why it does not work.

Send me the files and I will see what is wrong :)
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