Skinning RBR

Glenn Morris

Mar 12, 2009
'Ey lads.
Serious time naow!!

Regarding skinning for this game...

Has anyone done their own?
How do you do it?
Where do you put the files once you've skinned (skun??) you're skin?

Details, details...

Anything would help, cos I've gotta skin I've done for an Evo IX, and I'd love to see it on track.

Cheers lads.

Rum time!!

Johan Sälgström

I've tried it, template with wireframe is a must IMO since it's a real PITA to make adjustments.

The filename may vary a little depending on the skin, but it should be located in RBR\Cars\Carfolder\Texture and be called something like "". You also want to overwrite the, either with just the same skin or one with "scrapes" or whatever. The will gradually blend on top of the original texture as the car gets beat up.

External_transparent and internal_transparent is for everything placed on the windows, stickers and whatnot. These can be the same texture unless you want the windows to appear darker from the outside than they are from the inside or something like that (big window stickers can be made transparent from the inside to increase the visibility without sacrificing the external appearance, for example).

Personally I've abandoned skinning for RBR, with the exception of simple number plate replacements, changing the darkness of the windows and such. Without a viewer or a proper ingame mode where you can freely rotate the view to spot errors it's just not worth the hassle IMO.

Good luck!