Skinning: color doesn't show

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by red bullet, Apr 27, 2016.

  1. red bullet

    red bullet

    I've just taken my first steps into skinning, using GIMP. After reading the sticky I've tried to make a basic skin for the Flat6: just changing color would be ok for this.

    So I used the 4 psd files and I only changed the body so far: from the basic light blue to dark grey. After a while I managed to export the file correctly to a DDS file (or so it seems). The other files I've just exported to DDS.
    But after making the MAS-file and putting it into the correct folder, the garage still showed a light blue car.
    If I open the DDS file of the body it still shows the dark grey color. I've tried multiple times; even with changing the visibility of certain layers. It didn't make any difference.

    I wonder what causes this error. Can someone help me?

    Edit: nevermind. I found the answer after a lot of googling. The name of the mas file was wrong. It should be the same name as the filename for the body apparently.
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